He followed the signs, keeping notes as he went, until he reached the elevator. He pressed the button and waited for a few moments. The elevator arrived.
        The interior of the elevator was small, and unadorned. It was free of dust. There were three buttons for the three floors. There was also a keyhole marked “B”.
        “They’re probably in the basement.” He removed a small roll of cloth from his jacket and unrolled it. He took a thin metal rod with a curved end from the roll, and inserted it into the lock. He worked the lockpick for a few minutes.
        The lock gave a mechanical click, and the elevator jolted into motion. After a few seconds, the elevator arrived, and the doors opened.
        There was a long hall in front of him, leading to a four way intersection. The walls, floor, and ceiling were all bare concrete. The hall was lit with fluorescent lights, and lined with numbered doors, just as before. “Whoever designed this place had a one track mind.
        Kelvin waited for a few minutes, standing just outside the elevator. He occasionally saw an indistinct figure walking through the intersection. He saw one of the doors open. A man in a business suit walked out. He was of average height, slightly overweight, and appeared bored.
        Kelvin waited until the man was around a corner, and ducked into the room. The interior was much like the hallway, with bare concrete walls, and a single light bulb on the ceiling. There was a folding table in the center of the room, with a computer and an enormous stack of papers on it, and a folding chair behind it.



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