Kelvin reached another intersection, with signs on the wall:

Administration ⇒
⇐ Gallery 1



Gallery 2


        Kelvin noticed that most of the signs were pointing in the direction he had come from. “Must be heading for a dead end.” He turned right, and wrote “left” immediately above his previous note.
        He continued down the corridor, turned a corner, and saw a dead end. There were three rooms at the end of the corridor. He opened the nearest door. Inside was an office. There was an expensive looking desk, with a state of the art computer on it. Behind the desk, was an expensive, and empty chair.
        He walked into the room, and took a closer look. The desk, computer, and floor were all covered in dust. “This room hasn’t seen much use.” He turned on the computer. It asked for a password, so he turned it back off again.
        He checked the other rooms. All were the same. Expensive desk, expensive computer, expensive chair, dust. “Right. So, not administration after all. It could be offices, but I doubt it. What does that leave me with. Nothing useful, that’s what.
        Kelvin went back down the corridor. He checked the signs again. “Nothing useful. Where am I supposed to- Elevator. That’s right. Elevator.



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