The door opened with a faint squeak of metal on metal. Kelvin walked through with a slow, shuffling gait. His head was bowed, his shoulders slumped.
        As he walked into the lobby, he took in the cavernous room. It had a high, domed ceiling, decorated with a fractal patterned mural. The walls were hung with paintings.
        Once he had noticed the art, he saw the pair of guards standing on either side of him. He had walked in during a conversation. “So, now I say, “You think you’re so good, just ‘cause you got a little knife?” And then he says-”
        Kelvin raised a hand vaguely in the direction of the right-hand guard, as if he was holding a pass in it. He kept the hand in constant motion, never allowing the guard a clear look at it. The guard continued talking, paying Kelvin no attention.
        He slowly walked forward, slightly decreasing his pace while he scanned the room for doors. Three doors. Two marked as visitor accessible, one marked, “Employees Only.” He headed for the second door.
        The hallway was lit with overhead fluorescent lights. There were numbered doors on each side. He opened one. The room beyond was filled with cleaning supplies. He looked in another room. It was filled with folding chairs and tables. Every room was either empty, or being used for storage.



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