Kelvin took a closer look at the computer. It was on, but required a password to be usable. He checked the papers. They appeared to be crime records. Most were for Dissension Against the Dictatorship.
        “Useless.” Kelvin moved on to the next room in the hallway. There was a worker in this room, typing at his computer. The worker looked up as Kelvin entered, and then returned to work. Kelvin continued down the corridor.
        As he walked, he realized that he was being followed. He turned his head slightly. The person behind him was wearing protective clothing, and holding a large rifle. “Guard”. Kelvin turned around, preparing to speak.
        The guard continued walking, passing Kelvin. “Must have just been a regular patrol.” Kelvin continued down the hall, checking rooms. The workers inside paid him no attention. The rooms without workers all had computers, and stacks of bureaucratic documents.
        When he reached the intersection, he paused. There was a small amount of foot traffic, mostly composed of guards. There were occasional workers as well. He watched the workers carefully, noting the number, and direction, of their movements.
        After about five minutes, he turned left, towards the area of greatest traffic. He made a note of his turn in his notebook. He continued checking rooms as he walked down the hallway. The contents were unchanged.
        After half an hour of checking rooms and turning toward areas of most traffic, he paused in an empty room, and sat down in the chair. He removed his phone from his pocket. “I’m in the general area, but it’s taking a while to find him.”
        “You what? I’m getting really bad-” the sound cut out.
        Kelvin checked the phone, the signal was indeed quite bad. “It’s going well but taking longer than I thought it would.”
        “It’s taking a long time?”
        “But everything’s going okay?”
        A guard opened the door.



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